Photo of the Winner of the Steeler Season Tickets

October 1, 2018 By aornpittsburgh
AORN Steeler tx winner 2015





Here’s the picture of Thea McKenna who won the Steeler tickets along with Beth Slater and Sharon Rust. Sharon and Beth both sold tickets for the Pgh chapter after working with Peggy Uhring at Altoona’s go live and Sharon happened to have her Brown’s hat on that day!

Thea has worked in the OR for 3 years and has been a member of AORN for 2 years. She just passed her CNOR exam in April and is chair of the Horizon PPC council as well as their unit based PPC council. Thea is also an orientation mentor.

Beth is the IS Specialist and Educator at Horizon and has worked in the OR a cumulative 29 years. Beth received her certification 27 years ago.
Sharon Rust is a Specialty Team Leader and has been in the OR 9 years and also has her CNOR.

All three of are currently members of the Northwest AORN chapter #3911 but frequently travel to Pittsburgh for continuing education and they are planning on attending some of our meetings!

Congratulations to Thea who was the winner of the Steeler season tickets.

AORN of Pittsburgh would like to congratulate all three of you for your commitment and dedication to AORN and your Nursing Careers!!

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