Mission Statement

In accordance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct, the mission of AORN and Pittsburgh Chapter 3902 is to:

  • Unite registered professional nurses for the purpose of maintaining an Association dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of perioperative nursing practice for optimum care of the patients before, during, and after operative and other invasive procedures
  • Provide opportunities for continuous professional development, to include diversified education activities
  • Generate, evaluate, and disseminate scientific evidence to improve professional perioperative practice
  • Provide leadership in professional perioperative practice to influence health care delivery locally, nationally, and globally
  • Cooperate lawfully with other professional associations, healthcare facilities, universities, industries, technical societies, research organizations, and governmental agencies in matters affecting the foregoing purposes of the Association
  • Otherwise lawfully adopt policies and conduct programs for the improvement of professional perioperative nursing practice provided that the policies and programs are consistent with the requirements that the Association is not organized for profit and no part of its earnings inure to individuals