Image of: healthcare providers who believe in continuing education.

Some of the best registered nurses are the women and men who continue to further their nursing education outside the hospital.  One way registered nurses in Pittsburgh can become more skilled and savvy is through becoming a member of Chapter 3902.  But there are other ways, too.

Here, we’ll provide you with trusted sources of education that will complement your hospital experience and AORN membership.

How passionate are you about your career, exceptional healthcare, and the people you care for day in and day out?  Never plateau, stay updated, and strive to become the best RN you can be.  Our lives and the lives of our patients depend on it.

Continuing Education for RNs

All of the sources for continuing education listed below are supported by the members of AORN Chapter 3902.  Also, many of the courses are offered online to accommodate the busy schedules of healthcare providers.  If you’re a registered nurse who has furthered your education through a platform that’s unlisted here, contact us today and let us know about it.

To learn more about the educational opportunities created by the companies below, simply click on the company logo.

3M Learning Center

Pfiedler Enterprises

Medline University