• AORN of Pittsburgh Annual Education Scholarship, 2016

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    AORN of Pittsburgh will award one $500.00 scholarships for one of its members to support educational advancement of our membership. To apply the following criteria must be met:

    1. Must be a member of AORN, 2 years of membership.
    2. 2 years of Perioperative experience.
    3. 100 word or less – What does being an AORN member means to you?
    4. Needs to enroll in an accredited school, BSN, MS or Doctorate.
    5. Nursing related field for degree.
    6. Must submit proof of completion of course with passing grade, must have completed class in 2016 calendar year.
    7. Application must be submitted by Jan 31, 2017.
    8. Each member is eligible for only one scholarship, once in a 5-year period.
    9. Please email Janet Szczerbienski or any officer for an application: jmws81@verizon.net

    The education committee and board will review all applications and documentation. Recipients will be awarded the scholarship at the May AORN meeting.

    Please submit application to the President Elect of the chapter, Janet Szczerbienski: jmws81@verizon.net

    No handwritten or faxed applications will be accepted. Only email applications will be accepted.

    Thank you

    The Board

    AORN of Pittsburgh, Chapter 3902 Scholarship Application

    Name: _________

    Address: _______

    Email Address: _____

    Phone Number: _____

    AORN Membership Number: ________

    College or University Attending: ______

    Please list local and or national AORN activities: _____

    Please submit the answer to the following question in 100 words or less. What does being an AORN member mean to you?

    No handwritten or faxed applications will be accepted. Only email applications will be accepted



    Janet Szczerbienski: jmws81@verizon.net

    [1] Revised June 2016

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  • March 2016 Scrub Sheet – Message from the President

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    March 2016 AORN Pittsburgh Chapter – 1

    This is the Scrub Sheet publication for AORN Pittsburgh Chapter 3902 for the year 2015 – 2016. I would like the Scrub Sheet to be informative to all members…if you have information relative to our chapter…please send it to me in an e-mail or my address: lynchmobpa@yahoo.com or Vicki Lynch, 432 Turkeypath Road, Mt. Pleasant, PA. 15666.

    Here is an updated schedule of Board / Business meetings for this year:

    March, 7, 2016. ..Business meeting Presbyterian Hospital BST-100 room

    Apr 11, 2016…Board meeting Panera Bread 5-7pm Look for AORN sign      

    May 12, 2016… Business Meeting Hydeholde Restaurant

    June ? Board Meeting

    August? Board Meeting

    Sept 22, 2016…Business meeting UPMC East

    * Any Pittsburgh AORN Member may attend our Board meetings….only members of the Board may vote on items presented.

    Our January Business meeting was at Children’s Hospital. Carol Faytol planned this meeting and did a great job collaborating with the guest speaker, Dr. Schneck. Janet and Lorraine are really creating great flyers for these meetings, sending them out early so we can plan to be there, and being able to pay through PayPal. Dr. Schneck presented a Power point on “Volunteerism in Africa”. We had approximately 25 in attendance. We encourage all of you to actively recruit OR nurses to join our chapter.

    Steeler Ticket Sales

    Carol Faytol asked me to remind everyone she has some Steeler tickets left to sell. Contact her at her address 402 Commomwealth Avenue, West Mifflin PA 15122 or carol.faytol@chp.edu if you are interested in selling them.

    AORN Surgical Conference and Expo

    We will be sending 4 delegates to the AORN Surgical Conference and Expo in Anaheim California. Our delegates are Denise Filiaggi, Vicki Lynch, Joanne Severini, and Dawn Vocke. This will take place from April 2nd – April 6th, 2016. These 5 days will consist of:

    • Mandatory meetings we must attend to become familiar with AORN legislature and changes proposed with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. We will then vote on these changes which will affect all of the national AORN chapters.
    • There will be educational sessions scheduled to attend from early morning to early evening. It’s exciting to look at what is offered each day and formulate your own schedule with which ones you want to attend.
    • AORN has planned well known speakers to present motivational and life changing events they have experienced.
    • Usually there will be an evening dinner meeting sponsored by a well-known surgical company. They always have a very interesting topic.

    Nominating Committee:

    Our nominating committee is actively looking for volunteers to fill the upcoming vacancies in our Pittsburgh chapter. Please consider investigating these roles at the next meeting in March, fill out a “Willingness to Serve” form, and help us keep our chapter running successfully. We still need a Vice President, President elect and 2 members for the nominating committee. We have a great group of members who are willing to help anyone assimilate into their role in the Pittsburgh Chapter of AORN.

    CNOR Certification

    • We are in the planning stage to host a CNOR Certification class. It was hosted a few years back at Children’s hospital and was a huge success. Lorraine Garrow is looking to see if it can be hosted at UPMC East. Be thinking seriously about attending this class to prepare you to take the CNOR certification test. We will keep you updated as to when the final plans are made.
    • Lora Gibb said she has a group of nurses at her hospital who want to take the class.

    March Business Meeting:Presbyterian Hospital meeting:

    • Presbyterian Hospital will be hosting the March 7th meeting.
    • Mario Solario is presenting, “Current Paradigms in Plastic Surgery” We will be in the Biomedical Tower for this presentation. Registration begins at 5:30pm.
    • Rachelle is able to get us free parking for the Presby March meeting. Everyone should park in the parking garage attached to the Biomedical Science Tower.
    • Go to the main lobby of the Biomedical Science Building and go to the BST-100 conference room

    April Board Meeting:

    • The next Board meeting will be at Panera Bread on April 11th, 2016 at 5:00PM. Please bring your updated reports and ideas to add to the agenda. Please note…we had to change this date …therefore the meeting will be in a section saved for us at Panera Bread…it will not be in the conference room. Look for a sign that says “Reserved for AORN”

    Upcoming Education:

    Shadyside Hospital will be having their 10th annual conference on March 19th.

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  • Photo of the Winner of the Steeler Season Tickets

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    AORN Steeler tx winner 2015





    Here’s the picture of Thea McKenna who won the Steeler tickets along with Beth Slater and Sharon Rust. Sharon and Beth both sold tickets for the Pgh chapter after working with Peggy Uhring at Altoona’s go live and Sharon happened to have her Brown’s hat on that day!

    Thea has worked in the OR for 3 years and has been a member of AORN for 2 years. She just passed her CNOR exam in April and is chair of the Horizon PPC council as well as their unit based PPC council. Thea is also an orientation mentor.

    Beth is the IS Specialist and Educator at Horizon and has worked in the OR a cumulative 29 years. Beth received her certification 27 years ago.
    Sharon Rust is a Specialty Team Leader and has been in the OR 9 years and also has her CNOR.

    All three of are currently members of the Northwest AORN chapter #3911 but frequently travel to Pittsburgh for continuing education and they are planning on attending some of our meetings!

    Congratulations to Thea who was the winner of the Steeler season tickets.

    AORN of Pittsburgh would like to congratulate all three of you for your commitment and dedication to AORN and your Nursing Careers!!

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  • Meaningful Use: New Standards to Govern Use of Electronic Health Records

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    A set of standards were written by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Program to govern the use of electronic health records. These standards known as Meaningful Use are used to allow eligible providers and hospitals to earn incentive payments (www.healthit.gov). As eligible professionals and hospitals adopt, implement or upgrade certified electronic health record technology, they can receive up to $44,000 through Medicare EHR Incentive program and up to $63,750 through the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (www.cms.gov). The EHR Incentive Program provides incentive payments for eligible healthcare providers to use EHR technology in ways that can positively impact patient care.

    This incentive program was established to encourage the promotion of health IT, including electronic health records and private and secure electronic health information exchange (www.healthit.gov). The government is encouraging the development and implementation of the EHR because of its many benefits. One of the benefits is the access to complete and accurate medical history; providers have the information they need to provide the best possible care. Another benefit to the EHR is that the healthcare worker has better access to information that can be used to diagnose health problems earlier and improve the health outcomes of their patients. EHR also allows for information to be easily shared between doctor’s offices and hospitals which may lead to better coordination of care. Patients may take a more active role in their care, because of the EHR; they have more access to their records (www.healthit.gov). Meaningful Use was developed to promote the use of EHR in order to improve health care in the United States.

    Twenty four meaningful use objectives were developed. In order to qualify for an incentive payment, nineteen of these objectives must be met (CMS Program For Meaningful Use, 2011, p. 4). There are fourteen required core objectives and then of the remaining ten objectives, five must be selected. These objectives are focused on improving the quality of care. This improvement can be obtained by increasing safety and efficiency while still maintaining patient privacy of their personal health information (CMS Program For Meaningful Use, 2011, p. 5). The intention of this program is to encourage engagement of patients and their families and to improve public health.

    The Association of periOrerative Registered Nurses (AORN) is a non-profit membership association based in Denver, Colorado representing more than 160,000 nurses (www.aorn.com). Its mission is to promote safety and optimal outcomes for patientsnundergoing operative and other invasive procedures by providing practice support and professional developmentnopportunities to perioperative nurses. On the issue of Meaningful Use, AORN recommends that healthcare organizations recognize the importance of nurse involvement in the selection and implementation of technology (www.aorn.com). It is their position that any plan should acknowledge that nurses have a profound impact on the quality and effectiveness of health care, and their knowledge should be used when making EHR decisions.

    The Federal Government in order to encourage the standardization of the use of the EHR, created the Meaningful Use program (CMS ProgramFor Meaningful Use, 2011, p. 3). To receive funds, health care providers must show that they are using certified EHR technology. This technology must help provide patient care information for point of care decisions that can be measured in quality and quantity. In order for this program to be a success, the health care institution must secure buy-in from the hospital staff and physicians.

    About the author: Susan Ober wrote this article as an educational piece for nurses. Susan is the current Vice President of AORN of Pittsburgh. She was the recipient of our chapter’s annual scholarship of $500 last year for her continuing education towards her advanced degrees.

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