AORN Pittsburgh Annual Election of Officer’s and Board Members

October 1, 2018 By aornpittsburgh

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May 14th 2015

OFFICE                                                        CANDIDATE                 YOUR VOTE

President (One Year Term):             Vicki Lynch                             _____________

President Elect (One Year Term):   Rachelle Williams                _____________

(Automatic Becomes President the following year)

Vice President:   Susan Ober 2015-2016

Secretary:          Kimberly Stimmel 2015-2016

Treasurer (Two Year Term):            Janet Szcerbienski               _____________

Board Members (Two Year Term):

(Fours positions needed)   (Total of 7 members plus past president)

Michele DiLucente                  _______________

Kathy Gaberson                       _______________

Adrienne Farley 2014 – 2016

Carol Faytol 2014-2016                                

Nominations from the Floor:

Name:                                           Office:                                  Your   Vote       

____________________                   _________________               ____________________

_____________________                 __________________              ____________________

Thank you for voting

The Nominating Committe

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